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  • Through holding together, restraint is certain to come about. The yielding obtains the decisive place, and those above and those below correspond with it. Strong and gentle; the strong is central and its will is done. This is called the Taming Power of the Small.
    — The I Ching, hexagram 9: Hsiao Chu / The Taming Power of the Small

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  • Immigrant Dreams and Nightmares in the White Supremacist Cauldron (May-2007)
    The tired, the poor, the huddled masses of dream-hungry immigrants coming across the Pacific — like those coming across the deserts and rivers along the Southern US border — have never been greeted by a Mother of Exiles.
  • Ongoing Echoes from the Women of the Long House (Feb-2009)
    The word Haudenosaunee (pronounced "ho-de-no-SHO-nee") means "People of the Long House" and refers both to the architectural style of their wood-framed living structures and to the inclusivity of their society. The connection between the Haudenosaunee and early US feminists is not tenuous; it is plainly documented.
  • The Palin’ Identity (Nov-2008)
    The reason why the McCain-Palin campaign has appeared erratic throughout the election season is that their strategic communications have been conceived and crafted according to the language of implicit cultural code rather than explicit thematic cohesion.
  • The Whiteness Problem (Apr-2009)
    The backhanded boycott of the historic UN anti-racism conference in Geneva by mostly-white diplomats from Western nations is farcical on its face and provides a handy illustration that the great problem of the 21st century is the whiteness problem.
  • Time to Throw the Traders Out the Temple (Oct-2008)
    The Wall Street racket is essentially a colossal debt pyramid which must continually convince or coerce people to feed it so that money keeps getting funneled upward while risk gets distributed downward.

One World

Xu Beihong

  • Xu Beihong photo
    Xu Beihong's work visually manifests a meaningful and mutually-beneficial cultural encounter between China and the West.

Pictures of the Mind

August in Connecticut

  • Butterfly
    Midsummer, the woods of Southwestern Connecticut buzz with bright pastoral magic. This gallery attempts to capture a quick arbitrary sliver of that brightness. Most of these pictures were taken in my immediate neighorhood; some were shot at Wampus Pond; some at the Audubon Fairchild Wildflower Garden.

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